Good news strikes ALTOP wins the bid for Melbourne’s 192-204 A’Beckett Street project

In March 2021, the company emerged from fierce competition with a number of powerful companies. With rich engineering experience, strong technical strength and good reputation, the company successfully won the 192-204 A'Beckett Street building curtain wall, door and window project in Melbourne.

The project is located in the bustling CBD center of Melbourne, 192-204 Beckett Street, with a building height of about 100 meters and 27 floors on the ground. The main tower is positioned as a high-end residential apartment. The indoor first floor also has a game room, a media cinema room, Gym, yoga room and other convenient facilities.

The project presents the connotation of the art capital in the most elegant posture. Chinatown, Art and Culture Center, Queen Victoria Market and other major living, entertainment and shopping places are within easy reach; Centennial Park Flagstaff Gardens is within easy reach, fully enjoy the CBD natural oxygen bar; adjacent to Melbourne’s transportation hub Southern Cross Railway Station, all Melbourne train lines are accessible You can board here; the University of Melbourne, Royal Institute of Technology, University of Victoria and many other prestigious universities surround it, which can be described as the best place to work and study.

The key and difficult point of this project is the early system design. The broken bridge thermal insulation window wall system is adopted. The system parameters require high, the system U value is 2.6. The window wall system is used to simulate the appearance of the curtain wall to ensure the performance of the curtain wall. It has advantages over curtainwall in terms of sound insulation and fire protection, which reduces the material cost of curtain wall, is also convenient to install, reduces outdoor operations, has high construction efficiency, and is safer than curtain wall installation;

At the same time, the project also adopts the sliding door system independently developed by ALTOP that meets the Australian standard AS/NZS 4284; the project will be designed in accordance with the company's standardized process, and various departments will cooperate with each other, which can lay a good foundation for future engineering use.

Post time: Apr-14-2021
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