Gold medal quality, Hou Tak Tuk ALTOP won the “Hong Kong and Shanghai Commercial Bank Commercial and Residential complex” project

Recently, more good news came due to ALTOP team’s great effort. Withgood reputation, rich industry experience, excellent project management and completequality system satisfied by customer, ALTOP is awarded the curtain wall projectof the No.33-47 CATCHICK ST inface of stiff competition.

Town, HongKong. The building is around 150 meters high, covering 40,000 square meters, 30floors on the ground consisting of 7F-30F Commercial & Residential Towerand 1F-6F Retail Podium. The project has strict technical requirements and variouscomplicated facade types which will bring difficulties to installation.  Facade types includes energy-saving unitisedcurtain wall, window wall, glass and metal balustrade, stick curtain wall, special-shapedcanopies, anti-wind grille and soffit, aluminum cladding, etc. The buildingwill be a benchmark complex centre with shopping malls and Grade A officebuilding.

Shanghai Commercial Bank is one of the famous local Chinese banks inHong Kong with long history. The commercial and residential complex building givesmore variety characters to Catchick Street by its unique architectural style.The ”L” design concept intensifies it as a fluid andiconic building on the street, bring new life into centuried bank and even forthis city.

ALTOP is awarded No.33-47 CATCHICK ST , marked deeper developing of the HongKong market and new business opportunity. Achievement is a milestone on the wayforward. Today’s success is the result of hard work yesterday. In near future, ALTOPstill have a long way to go to face the changing market. Anyway, ALTOP will achieveambitious goals by Premium Quality, Profound Virtues and Persevering Action.

Post time: Nov-07-2020
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