Completed project exhibition series 03 | Macau Galaxy!


          Altop has participated in the construction of many landmark buildings on the land of Greater Bay Area, among which the Galaxy Macau Hotel is one of the most familiar projects.
The project, which took Galaxy Entertainment Group five years to build, has a total area of more than 1.1 million square meters and an investment of 14.9 billion Hong Kong dollars. It is the “Macao Galaxy Resort” with the theme of “holiday style”. ALTOP is responsible for the curtain wall project of Galaxy Hotel.



Project introduction:

        Galaxy Hotel is named after “Galaxy”, which is enough to prove its particularity in Galaxy Resort Macau. As the main project of the resort, Galaxy Hotel certainly deserves this title. Galaxy Hotel has won many awards, and the most influential one is the Silver Medallion Certification issued by EarthCheck, a global tourism certification and consulting agency, which affirms its outstanding performance in environmental protection and sustainable development.

       The award-winning Galaxy Hotel has always adhered to the service spirit of “Asian Heart” and is committed to providing guests with luxurious and comfortable accommodation experience. 1450 fashionable decorated guest rooms and suites are equipped with high-tech configuration. The high configuration and quality service have made Galaxy Hotel highly praised since its opening, and many famous people have recommended it. Now it has become a popular online card punching place for tourists from all over the world to visit Macao. It is estimated that Galaxy Macau can receive 30000 to 40000 tourists every day, successfully promoting Macao’s economy and helping Macao develop into a diversified international tourism and entertainment hub.


Night View of Galaxy Hotel


Galaxy Hotel Lobby

                                                                                                                                                                                   Galaxy Hotel Corridor


Project difficulties:

        The facade of Galaxy Hotel is made up of glass curtain walls, with a huge amount of work, but the construction period is very tight.


In order to complete the project within the limited construction period, ALTOP will arrange the control in advance from the aspects of design material extraction, purchase order, factory processing, workshop assembly, logistics customs declaration, etc., follow the five in one plan, and implement the dynamic control of materials in an all-round way to ensure that the materials with difficult processing and long cycle can enter the site smoothly as planned.


          The quality standard of the project is also very high. In order to ensure that the quality is up to standard, ALTOP Project Department strictly follows the product quality flow chart, implements information management and control, strengthens process supervision, strictly controls the quality of all stages and links of processing, and completes the curtain wall project with high efficiency and quality.

With high-quality engineering standards and the spirit of good faith performance, ALTOP has achieved every opening node required by customers on schedule and won praise from all parties.



Post time: Nov-14-2022
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