Completed project exhibition series 01丨 Abu Dhabi International Airport with both technology and practicality!

    “The gate of the capital, the Louvre, and the Atihad Tower”,As the capital of architectural science and technology, Abu Dhabi,  has a brilliant architectural status in this city.
ALTOP was lucky to have a cooperation with this city of building science and technology, and jointly built Abu Dhabi International Airport, which has both technology and practicality.
     Abu Dhabi International Airport is designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, the most authoritative British royal architect and partner in the field of architectural design in the world. ALTOP undertakes the fine decoration construction project of the terminal area and strives to create a high-quality interior decoration project, bringing Abu Dhabi with excellent works of “internal and external improvement”.

     At present, Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the airports with the fastest passenger flow, the number of new flights and infrastructure investment development in the world. More than 30 airlines provide flights to and from more than 60 countries and 120 destinations at the airport. There are non-stop flights to and from six continents. It is an important transit hub for Asia, Australia and Europe, Africa. In the past year, the airport has served more than 25 million inbound and outbound passengers and transit passengers.


Project characteristics:

      Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport in the United Arab Emirates (second only to Dubai International Airport), covering an area of about 3400 hectares (8500 acres), with two parallel runways and four terminals.The airport terminal is a large-span inclined arch structure, realizing the column free design in most areas, making the building as spacious and transparent as an outdoor open space; The arch support structure is visually separated from the roof, enhancing the sense of lightness.


       A large number of stainless steel, glass and steel structures are used in the project for inlaying, which means that each structure must be in the same proportion without any error. How to present perfectly within the limited construction period has become a topic repeatedly explored by the ALTOP Project Department during the construction process.

     ”Difficulties mean possible.” Because the project is tight and the task is heavy, in order to ensure ”zero error”, Altop project team directly arranges “simulated on-site installation”, and presents the entire project at 1:1 in the company. After confirming that the installation is correct, it is sent to the site again, which makes the on-site installation exceptionally smooth, and shortens the construction period while achieving the perfect inlay. To this end, Abu Dhabi International Airport specially wrote a letter of thanks to express their very satisfaction.


In the face of the successful outcome of the Abu Dhabi International Airport project, ALTOP is more confident to bring perfect solutions to various difficult projects. ALTOP will also continue to maintain the value of “integrity and quality”, and continue to bring wonderful architectural works to cities around the world.


Post time: Nov-14-2022
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