Completed Project Display Series | Six Star Green Building -110 Carlton Gore Road!

Regus在奥克兰Newmarket市中心开发了新的商业项目,包括6层商业办公空间、公寓、2层地下停车场和周边设施。建筑为满足六星级绿色建筑评级(6 Greenstar)而设计,绿色建筑委员会颁发的最高证书,相当于可持续发展领域的世界领先地位。

Regus has developed a new commercial project in the center of Newmarket, Auckland, which includes a 6-story commercial office space, apartments, a 2-story underground parking lot, and surrounding facilities. The building is designed to meet 6 Greenstars and is awarded the highest certificate by the Green Building Committee, equivalent to a world leading position in sustainable development.


项目位于奥克兰卡尔顿戈尔路110号(110 Carlton Gore-Road),交通十分便利,20分钟即可到达CBD,步行即可到达Newmarket火车站、美丽的Domain Wintergardens植物园。
The building is located at 110 Carlton Gore Road in Auckland, with convenient transportation. It takes 20 minutes to reach the CBD and a walk to the Newmarket train station and the beautiful Domain Wintergardens Botanical Garden.
When working, collaborating with like-minded professionals in an open multifunctional office space, and after work, taking a walk to the beautiful botanical garden to relax and unwind is simply the ideal state for working people.



To integrate the surrounding buildings in the area, the building is square in shape, consisting of glass curtain walls and aluminum panel curtain walls. The protruding sections on both sides are irregularly designed, with the glass curtain walls divided by sunshade aluminum panels and stacked layer by layer, which is both innovative and consistent with the overall geometric tone of the building. ALTOP provides high-performance customized aluminum panel curtain walls and glass curtain walls, which combine to effectively reduce light pollution and achieve sustainable development of buildings.

After the completion of the project, it will provide development space for more industries and advanced intelligent office space for more workers in the region, effectively promoting the industrial development of the region.


Post time: May-14-2024
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