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Quest, a renowned hotel style apartment giant, has over 160 hotel style apartments in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Fiji. It is the market leader in apartment hotel accommodation in Australia.
Quest Dandenong Central公寓位于丹德农(Dandenong),距离丹得农火车站仅有3分钟步行路程,距离丹德农市场(Dandenong Market)也只有5分钟的路程。丹德农(Dandenong)位于墨尔本东南区,是墨尔本四大卫星城之一,也是国家级就业与创新集聚区(National Employment and Innovation Cluster)和州内重要商业区,是墨尔本冉冉升起的潜力之星。

The Quest Dandenong Central Apartment is located in Dandenong, a 3-minute walk from the Dandenong Fire Station and only a 5-minute walk from the Dandenong Market. Dandenong is located in the southeast of Melbourne and is one of the four major satellite cities in Melbourne. It is also a national employment and innovation cluster and an important commercial district in the state. Melbourne is a rising star of potential.



The exterior of the apartment is composed of various types of aluminum curtain walls, including folded pattern perforated aluminum panels, PVDF aluminum panels, imitation stone patterned aluminum panels, and other aluminum curtain walls of different sizes and shapes, forming a rich and colorful aesthetic design. Altop is responsible for the exterior facade of the entire apartment building, providing a variety of ultra-high technology and high-quality aluminum panel curtain walls.


Quest Dandenong Central公寓为住户们提供一居室和两居室公寓,每间房间都配备设施齐全的厨房、沙发休息区、平板电视以及免费洗浴用品的私人浴室,为住户们提供舒适、干净的住宿体验。35年来,Quest为澳大利亚500强企业中的长期住宿者提供了便利的生活条件。

Quest Dandenong Central Apartment provides residents with one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, each equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, sofa lounge, flat screen TV, and a private bathroom with free bathing supplies. Provide residents with a comfortable and clean accommodation experience. For 35 years, Quest has provided convenient living conditions for long-term residents among the top 500 companies in Australia.

Post time: Apr-16-2024
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