Completed Project Display Series 18 | Compass Mall, the largest comprehensive shopping mall in Central Asia!


ALTOP承接了中亚最大最新的综合性购物商场Compass Mall。该项目位于乌兹别克斯坦首都塔什干,占地面积达60000平方米,是塔什干的地标性建筑。塔什干是中亚地区第一大城市和重要的经济和文化中心,是古“丝绸之路”上重要的商业枢纽之一。

ALTOP has undertaken the largest and latest comprehensive shopping mall in Central Asia, Compass Mall. The project is located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, covering an area of 60000 square meters and is a landmark building in Tashkent. Tashkent is the largest city and important economic and cultural center in Central Asia, and one of the important commercial hubs on the ancient Silk Road.





该购物中心位于塔什干环路和通往费尔干纳谷的Fargona Yuli街交叉点的雅什纳巴德区,人口为230,000人,其中120,000人住在步行区内。购物中心有两家主店供当地人民选择,包括一家国际品牌的5000平方米的大型超市,以及特许经营下的官方单品牌商店。

The shopping center is located in the Yashnabad district at the intersection of Tashkent Ring Road and Fargona Yuli Street leading to Fergana Valley. The population is 230000, of which 120000 people live in the pedestrian area. The shopping center has two main stores for local people to choose from, including an international branded 5000 square meter large supermarket and an official single brand store under franchise.





The unique design of this shopping center, including the first rooftop parking lot in Central Asia, glass skylights for lighting, the largest atrium in the country, the craftsmanship of the facade, and the architectural complex itself, all make it a landmark building. ALTOP has undertaken the overall exterior and interior walls of the project, as well as some styling aluminum panel products in the shopping center, such as a series of metal building materials such as double-layer laminated glass energy-saving skylights and irregular rotating stainless steel staircase systems, undoubtedly making the entire shopping mall more unique.




Compass Mall商场的开业,无论是该商场的独特外观设计,还是该商场引进的各个品牌商家,都将是成为当地的时尚风向标,成为缔造新型综合性潮流商圈的引领者。ALTOP也会继续努力奋进缔造更多集美观与实用为一身的建筑装饰产品!

The opening of Compass Mall, whether it is its unique exterior design or the introduction of various brand merchants, will become a local fashion vane and a leader in creating a new comprehensive trend business district. ALTOP will continue to strive to create more architectural decoration products that combine aesthetics and practicality!

Post time: Jul-26-2023
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