Completed Project Display Series 16 | Manhattan New Landmark -451 10th Avenue Building!


美国纽约市曼哈顿核心地段哈德逊广场又冉冉升起一座新地标-451 10th Avenue商住综合体大厦,建筑高163m,共45层、地面44层,地下负一层,包含526套公寓住宅。

A new landmark, 451 10th Avenue Commercial and Residential Complex Building, has emerged in the core area of Manhattan, New York City, USA. The building is 163 meters high, with 45 floors, 44 floors above ground level, and one basement level, including 526 apartment units.


The project is positioned as a skyscraper in a commercial and residential complex, and after completion, it will become a new landmark for the high-end living comprehensive community in the region. The project construction is in line with modern urban communities, mainly catering to residents in metropolitan areas, optimizing the surrounding infrastructure of apartments, and improving the living environment. We will provide unparalleled cultural, fashion, commercial, and culinary new experiences for the state, while also providing high-quality living services for over 4000 New Yorkers in 27 communities across the state.
The project consists of a building curtain wall system consisting of approximately 8000 square meters of glass curtain walls and approximately 12000 square meters of metal curtain walls. While achieving the visual enjoyment of soft buildings, it also avoids light pollution caused by the full glass curtain wall. These 3D curved aluminum veneer structures alternating in the glass curtain wall will be a new highlight of the entire building curtain wall.
The overall exterior wall of the building is a combination structure of glass curtain walls and interlayer decorative aluminum panels and arc-shaped column decorative aluminum panels. About 6000 square meters are arc-shaped column decorative aluminum panel units, all of which are vertical curved aluminum panel units with a height exceeding 3 meters. The unit is composed of four curved aluminum panels with different arcs and aluminum profile frames, forming a unit body of about 1.7 meters wide, Designers use aluminum sheet materials with excellent processing performance to achieve the curved skin shape of the building. ALTOP provides it with an aluminum panel system, and we present the designer’s works perfectly with high-quality product quality and service.
The ALTOP project management team is strict with itself with the highest standards, and scientifically uses the “quality management system” to carry out various management work for the project. Finally, it has achieved the set goals of 100% project qualification rate, 95% excellence rate, 100% contract performance rate, and 90% customer satisfaction rate, and has been highly praised by the owner.
451 10th Avenue商住综合体大厦的建成又为哈德逊广场增添了新的生机,从破旧的铁路车场到一个个地标建筑拔地而起,哈德逊广场作为世界级的综合体城市更新项目典范,代表着新兴商业、文化社区正在崛起,是一个激活纽约中心区活力的新地标。
The completion of the 451 10th Avenue commercial and residential complex building has added new vitality to Hudson Square, from a dilapidated railway yard to the rise of landmark buildings. As a world-class model for urban renewal projects, Hudson Square represents the rise of emerging commercial and cultural communities, and is a new landmark that activates the vitality of the central district of New York.

Post time: Jul-26-2023
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