Build a new blueprint, build a new quality – altop has won many Australian projects in a row.

Recently, the good news of ALTOP came again! In the project bidding, the company won the unanimous recognition of customers with solid and efficient work style, good corporate reputation, perfect service standard system and reasonable quotation, and successfully won the bid of Sydney one Sydney Harbour, Melbourne 8 Palmerston crescent project, Melbourne Beach House one Wellington Street St Kilda, Green energy-saving curtain wall works of Brisbane, ferny grove and other projects.

Melbourne Beach House one Wellington Street St Kilda project is located at No. 1 Wellington Street, St Kilda. It is located in a high-end apartment with a building height of about 150m and a total of 28 floors. Indoor also built a game room, media theater room, gym, yoga room and other amenities.

Due to its geographical location close to the port and convenient transportation, St. kil is one of the most popular coastal cities in the world. Along the park by the beach, tourists take a walk, ride a bike under rows of palm trees, or sit leisurely in an open-air coffee shop or cocktail bar, enjoying the beautiful sunset scenery of Philip harbor.
Melbourne Palmerston crescent project is located at No. 8, crescent street, Palmerston, South Melbourne. It has 16 floors on the ground and the floor height is about 100m. Altop provides energy-saving and environment-friendly green curtain wall system for the project. After completion, it will become a new landmark of the high-end living comprehensive community in the region. It will provide unparalleled new experience of culture, fashion, business and food for the people of the area.



Sydney one Sydney Harbour project is located in barangaroo south, the heart of Sydney city center. It is located in the most fashionable Central Business District of Sydney port. It is built by the world-famous developer landleas group. The front of the project faces Sydney Harbor, with an invincible sea view and a panoramic view of famous scenic spots such as Sydney Opera House. It is 247m high, 72 floors above the ground and four floors underground.

The project has the crown of top-level luxury house with the most expensive real estate transaction of $140 million in the history of Australia, stunning the world, and Sydney port has set a new benchmark in luxury life.



The ferny grove project in Brisbane is located at 1348 Sanford Road, frenegrove, Queensland. Its function is positioned as a modern parking lot. As the largest parking lot in the region, it rationalizes the distribution of vehicle traffic and promotes the development of public transport.



Altop of the above projects will be completed and delivered successively in 2022. We will perfectly present the designer’s works with high-quality product quality and service.

As the most developed country in the southern hemisphere and the 12th largest economy in the world, Australia is rich in resources and broad market. It is one of the blueprints of the company’s development. With the continuous development and growth of the company, actively explore the international market, promote the growth of foreign trade and economy, and integrate with the development strategy of economic globalization, which plays an important role in the future development of altop.

Altop’s successful undertaking of the above projects in Australia also marks another increase in altop’s popularity in the field of curtain walls in Australia, and lays a solid foundation for our deep cultivation and rapid development in the Australian market in the future.

Post time: Feb-16-2022
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