Altop won the bid for Canberra one city hill project!

Alotp welcomes good news again! Altop stood out in the fierce competition with a number of powerful enterprises. With rich engineering experience, strong technical strength and good reputation, altop successfully won the one city hill project in Canberra.



The project is located in the bustling CBD center of Canberra. It is a commercial building built by Morris property group. It is also one of the super large projects in Canberra.


One city hill complex brings 34000 square meters of office space to the city, which can accommodate 2500 people and 3000 work areas. There are 3-storey parking lots in the basement, which provide 871 parking spaces for office staff, rental companies and the public, and provide travel end facilities for cyclists.


The key and difficult points of the project are in the early system design. The broken bridge thermal insulation window wall system is adopted. The system has high requirements for parameters. The appearance of the window wall system not only ensures the performance of the curtain wall, but also has more advantages in sound insulation and fire prevention, reduces the material cost of the curtain wall, is convenient and safe to install, and has higher construction efficiency.It has been highly praised and affirmed by the general contractor and the developer.

Zhongying’s successful undertaking of the one city hill project in Canberra marks our continuous penetration into the Australian market, and also marks the further improvement of altop’s popularity in the field of curtain walls in Australia, laying a solid foundation for our deep cultivation and rapid development in the Australian market in the future.

Post time: Feb-16-2022
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