ALTOP has the courage to cross the pursuit of Excellence and win the bid for wharf street project。

152 Wharf Street is located on the Bank of Brisbane River and close to Morton Bay, CBD of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia. The height of building is more than 130m, consists of 1 basement level, 1 lobby level, 3 parking space levels, 1 equipment level and 20 office levels, with approx. 15,000 square meters facade area. The whole project presents a fan-shaped shape, simple and elegant, containing magic aesthetic. It will become one of landmark building in the CBD of Brisbane once completion.

The project adopts Altop self-developed unitized curtain wall system for Queensland, Australia. The system has not only good performance of water penetration, air infiltration and wind pressure resistance with stability covering 8kPa extreme wind pressure, but also good seismic performance, which can ensure that the whole curtain wall will not be damaged even after magnitude 10 earthquake. All facade panels will be fabricated in the factory with assembling tolerance less than 1mm to ensure installation tolerances can be controlled within 1.5mm at site by two-man installation. This curtain wall system has been tested by many projects in Queensland, and very popular due to its stable performance and excellent quality.

The most difficulty point of this project is cantilever structure of curtain wall wing panel. At Initial stage, Altop technical department calculated the natural frequency of curtain wall wing panel with Finite Element Method to avoid resonance with wind load. It takes two years to work hard on it with joint effort of Brisbane team and head office. Finally, Altop is awarded as facade contractor successfully.

152 wharf street is a milestone for Altop, will improve the visibility of publicity among developers and builders, even bring more confidence for upcoming large facade projects. Altop will keep business philosophy of “Creating green buildings, Improving human working and living environment” to serve you as a leading metal curtain wall system solution supplier.

Post time: Aug-01-2020
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