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With the increase in work pressure and the accelerated pace of life in today’s society, the physical fitness of employees is of paramount importance.

In order to carry forward the company’s fine traditional culture, adhering to the company’s humanistic care management philosophy, care for the health of employees and improve corporate welfare. In August 2020, the company organized all employees to conduct health checkups. In order to ensure the efficient work efficiency and healthy physique of employees, the company regularly formulates employee physical examination plans every year.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, the employees gathered under the company building, and they were transported to the Akcome Hospital by the company shuttle bus. After the employees arrived at the outpatient clinic, the on-site medical staff were full of enthusiasm for work, and seriously performed health examinations for the company’s employees.


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The company always adheres to the management philosophy of humanistic care, adheres to the institutionalization of employee physical examination, and continues to promote the construction of corporate culture. The health check-up is based on the principle of “caring for employees and putting people first”. The examination items of this physical examination include more than 20 items including internal medicine, surgery, blood routine, etc. The hospital physical examination center establishes physical examination files for all employees, and promptly feeds back the physical examination information to individuals, and urges employees with abnormal health conditions to conduct re-examination and treatment as soon as possible to ensure that employees are in good physical condition to devote themselves to work and life.


The health checkup organized by the company was appreciated and recognized by the employees. Through the physical examination, every employee participating in the examination can be informed of the physical condition in time and receive professional health advice, so that the physical examination can really play a role and achieve practical results.

Highlight the company’s care for its employees, promote the establishment of a harmonious relationship between the company and its employees, promote the company’s harmonious development, and enhance the company’s image. It also allows employees to feel the warmth from the company’s family.

Post time: Sep-18-2020
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