ALTOP building knowledge the Great Wall, enterprise benefits |2020 staff training


Curtain wall knowledge training and learning is held once a week. Cao Yuhui of the Ministry of Commerce will personally teach everyone. The training content includes: system content of building curtain walls, aluminum profiles, stainless steel, steel structures and other curtain wall materials.


During the training of the instructor, the ideas are clear, the links are compact, the important and difficult points are prominent, the classroom learning atmosphere is strong, and the courses are highly interactive. Everyone can actively participate in the training. In addition to the building curtain wall professional knowledge training, the company also organized basic building system calculations. Concept, financial training, use of hedging tools and risk response, quality management training, workshop positions and safety training. At the same time, the company also invited KIN LONG’s technical engineers to come to the scene to explain the professional knowledge of hardware accessories. And analysis, comprehensive training content, rich knowledge points.


 Basic concepts of building system calculation

Financial training

Training on the use of hedging tools and risk response

Quality management training

During the training, everyone was active in thinking and actively participated, and some targeted questions were raised in each course, and the instructors also patiently answered one by one. Throughout the training process, knowledge and interest are parallel, the rich professional knowledge of the training lecturers, and the humorous teaching style have brought everyone a feast of professional knowledge.


KIN LONG hardware accessories knowledge training

Crane theory safety training

Crane practical operation safety training

Issuing a crane job certificate

The company has always attached great importance to the training and construction of talent ladders, regularly formulating employee training and training plans, and improving the professionalism of the team through employee training, which is also an important channel to promote the sustainable development of the company! At the same time, it creates a learning atmosphere within the company and advocates the idea of lifelong learning, so as to continuously improve the innovation ability of the company’s employee team, build a great wall of knowledge for the future development of ALTOP, and revitalize the core benefits of the company.

Post time: Oct-16-2020
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