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1. Curtain wall design manager

job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanics/architecture, etc., with excellent English listening, speaking and writing skills;

-Have more than 5 years of experience in curtain wall design and management in Hong Kong, Macau, and overseas (Europe, America or Australia and New Zealand), with various types of curtain wall structures

-Familiar with curtain wall design, construction, testing and calculation standards of various systems, can guide scheme design and structure calculation, can save costs and control quality in engineering design.

-Familiar with the structure, function, material and design, processing and installation procedures of various curtain wall systems;

-Possess good team management, communication, coordination and team leadership skills;

-Mechanical, construction engineers and senior engineers are preferred;

-Those who have presided over the design of high-end complex curtain walls or curtain wall projects with international influence are preferred.

2、 Chief designer of curtain wall

job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, graduated from mechanical, construction and other related majors, with rich experience and may relax the academic requirements appropriately;

-Engaged in curtain wall design for more than 5 years, familiar with the design of various forms of curtain wall, and have the ability to design conventional curtain wall plan, elevation, section and joint structure;

-Familiar with the relevant design codes and standards of the national building curtain wall;

-Have a good overall quality, have a strong sense of professionalism, sense of responsibility and teamwork.

-Those who have worked in overseas markets are preferred.

3、Curtain wall designer

job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical/architecture/civil engineering and related fields;

-Three years or more of design experience in the curtain wall industry; able to independently carry out the structural conception and optimization of units, more complex heterogeneous frame curtain walls, ordinary frame curtain walls, and stone curtain walls. The designed curtain wall structure system must meet the effect requirements and sealing of the construction value. Functional requirements such as heat preservation;

-CET-4 and above in English, able to read bidding documents and daily email communication.

-Familiar with common office software such as CAD, WORD and EXCEL.

-Those who have worked in overseas markets are preferred.

4. Planning and Coordination

job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical and construction engineering;

-More than 3 years of experience in planning management in the curtain wall industry, familiar with CAD drawings, material control management, procurement management, storage and packaging management and various basic production processes;

-Be good at rational operation and integration of various resources, coordinate the formulation of the whole process plan of the project, and effectively promote the organization, implementation and completion on schedule;

-Strong principle, good at analysis and summary, have a high sense of responsibility and initiative, have good communication and coordination skills and strong logical thinking skills.

-Those who have worked in overseas markets are preferred.

5、Business Manager (Domestic)

job requirements:

-College degree or above, major in engineering or marketing;

-Engaged in domestic curtain wall engineering business for more than three years, working experience in large-scale government public projects, high-end office buildings, hotels, apartments, commercial and residential complex projects is preferred;

-Familiar with the market in the Pearl River Delta region, have high-end customer resources and have excellent channel development experience;

-Able to understand CAD drawings, and be familiar with the specifications and technical requirements of domestic curtain wall products.

6、Business manager (foreign)

job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, no limit to majors, majors in engineering, international economics and trade, and marketing;

-More than two years of working experience in foreign trade business, familiar with foreign product descriptions and exhibition procedures at home and abroad, and able to understand architectural drawings; sales experience in aluminum panels, doors and windows, and curtain wall materials is preferred;

-English level 6 and above, strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, fluent oral communication can be relaxed to level 4;

-An optimistic and cheerful personality, positive and enterprising, strong learning ability and adaptability, and full of pioneering spirit.

7、Human Resources Specialist/Assistant

job requirements:

-Bachelor degree or above, majors in human resources, business administration, law and other related majors;

-Have good data analysis ability, communication and coordination ability, logical thinking ability, judgment ability and work promotion ability;

-Understand national labor laws and personnel policies, and be familiar with enterprise human management processes;

-Proficiency in using office software such as Office;

-Excellent fresh graduates are also available.

8、Project Information Clerk

job requirements:

-Full-time college degree or above, major in archives management and construction, and more than 2 years of work experience in data management in the construction industry;

-Familiar with the complete process of compilation of construction industry data, and have been responsible for the compilation of data for more than 2 projects;

-Have good communication and coordination skills, do things in principle, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be proficient in using common office software such as CAD and Office;

-Industry-related experience is preferred.

-Work location: Pearl River Delta region

9、Functional management trainee (design, project management direction)

job requirements:

-Full-time bachelor degree or above, civil engineering/construction engineering and other engineering related majors;

-Possess good learning ability, communication and coordination ability, logical thinking ability, judgment ability and work promotion ability.

Post time: Mar-16-2021
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