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China Economic Report, Shenzhen, July 30 (Shen Chengyong) As new generations of consumers demand a livable, safe, and smart living environment, the market for building doors, windows and curtain walls will bid farewell to “rapid expansion” and turn to an integrated “industrial upgrade” “The era; my country’s real estate industry has entered a stage of stable development. The existing building renovation and the upgrade of the outer protective structure will become another growth point for the future development of the door and window curtain wall industry; the advent of the “full decoration” era will also be a fine work for the door and window industry Carefully screen high-quality products. In the newly revised “Green Building Evaluation Standards” in 2019, the development direction of building full decoration, energy-saving standards improvement, health and comfort, and environmental livability are particularly proposed; the implementation of my country’s first guiding building energy-saving standards “Near-zero energy building technical standards” It will play an important role in my country’s promotion of building energy conservation and emission reduction, and promotion of the upgrading of the building energy conservation industry.


As a key word for China’s construction industry in the next ten or even decades, green energy-saving doors, windows and curtain wall products and technologies will be developed in my country and even in all. The revision of the “Green Building Evaluation Standards” emphasizes the improvement of building energy efficiency standards and the application of green building materials, and puts forward a clearer development direction and performance improvement requirements for the door, window and curtain wall industry. The first is to look at new products, integrating high-performance system doors and windows, comfortable and energy-saving wooden windows, ultra-low energy doors and windows, sun-shading and external shading, energy-saving glass, new materials for exterior walls, facade solutions, high-quality sealing and thermal insulation materials; Systematic interpretation of “Green Building Evaluation Standards”, “Near-Zero Energy Building Technical Standards”, “Healthy Buildings Evaluation Standards”, “Technical Requirements for Attaching Frames to Building Doors and Windows”, “Airtight, Watertight, and Windproof for Exterior Doors and Windows of Buildings” Compressive performance testing methods”; followed by hole trends, focusing on cutting-edge hot topics such as “green energy saving”, “existing building renovation”, and “full decoration”, bringing together the upstream and downstream industry chains to discuss new development trends and explore future business opportunities.


Aerial view of ALTOP FACADE CO., LTD

Growing up on the shore of the South China Sea—Shenzhen’s native ALTOP FACADE CO., LTD is a leading provider of integrated solutions for doors, windows and curtain wall systems in China, a senior professional manufacturer and operator of doors, windows and curtain walls, and an integrated supply chain operator for the engineering industry. With the core business of providing one-stop service from engineering research and development, production, installation to maintenance, it has the most complete product line and solutions in the industry.


ALTOP first production line (Shen Chengyong/photographed by drone)

In the sustainable development of green, ALTOP integrates research and development, design, production, sales, and construction to provide customers with one-stop integrated services for energy-saving curtain wall doors and windows, aluminum panels, stainless steel, curtain wall steel structures and other series of products and accessories. The company’s products are mainly sold in the Middle East, Australia, America, Europe, Hong Kong, Macau and other countries and regions. The company has a headquarters production base of 42,000 square meters, equipped with various advanced numerical control equipment and fully automated spraying production lines, and currently has more than 300 employees.


ALTOP second and third production line (Shen Chengyong/photographed by drone)

Wei Qianghui, general manager of ALTOP FACADE CO.,LTD, said that prefabricated buildings are no longer a vent. The strong driving force it brings has shaken the entire Chinese construction industry, and the development of prefabricated buildings and doors, windows and curtain wall industries We share weal and woe. The new development ideas will stimulate new vitality of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain. China’s door, window and curtain wall industry will surely usher in a historic opportunity for development!


ALTOP cutting area (Shen Chengyong/photographed by drone)

The door, window and curtain wall industry should accurately identify the development path and implementation methods of prefabricated buildings, and focus on “science and technology leadership, design support, lean processing, integrated assembly, quality assurance, and three integrated construction methods” to gather development consensus and seize development opportunities , To comprehensively improve the industrial development capacity of doors, windows and curtain walls in the region, and jointly usher in a new era of my country’s construction industry.


Wei Qianghui is interviewed by China Economic Report (Shen Chengyong/photographed by drone)

Wei Qianghui said that green, smart, and safe will be the inevitable trends in the development of the construction and real estate industry. At the same time, it will bring many opportunities and challenges to the transformation, upgrading and performance improvement of door, window and curtain wall enterprises. ALTOP keeps up with the development direction of the industry, gathers the downstream industrial chain and experienced solutions of building doors, windows and curtain walls, and showcases green energy-saving products and new technologies for doors, windows and curtain walls, intelligent development trends and solutions, new safety and fire protection products and research and development results, and humanized livability Design concept, etc.ALTOP

Wei Qianghui believes that building intelligence is not only a transformation of technology applications, but also a subversion of traditional manufacturing models and the opening of new application methods. The intelligent manufacturing method of automatic production line brings the improvement of product technology and the improvement of management process; the application of intelligent doors, windows and curtain wall products to give buildings more room for future development is the new trend and competitiveness of the development of the door, window and curtain wall industry.


As a company with a high sense of responsibility, ALTOP continues to innovate in green development, enhance its comprehensive strength, and always adhere to the development strategy of new materials, high quality, advanced technology, and artistic wisdom. And strengthen intensive operation and collaborative management, promote business standardization, informatization, and integration, demonstrating that integrated service engineering is fast, efficient, and reliable. At the same time, we will improve the technology and optimize the service to achieve the direction of meeting international standards, so as to realize the development of the construction technology business with the times and sustainable development.


It is understood that my country’s energy situation is very severe, and energy conservation is extremely important and urgent. It is not only a need to ensure sustained economic development, but also an important political task. Building energy-saving benefits the country and the people, which is of great significance and the task is arduous. The doors, windows and curtain walls of buildings are the main part that consumes heating and air conditioning energy, and are also the focus of building energy conservation. The task of energy-saving doors, windows and curtain walls will be extremely heavy. The building door, window and curtain wall industry must seize the historical opportunity of the current large-scale development of building energy conservation, develop healthily, and accelerate progress.


It is understood that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China will vigorously develop building energy-saving-related industries. my country will carry out energy-saving renovation of 570 million square meters of buildings. This is undoubtedly a rapid development opportunity for the building curtain wall industry.

After years of development, China’s curtain wall industry has shown rapid development in production and sales, and has become a major country in the production and use of curtain walls in the world. The annual production and installation of curtain walls in China is about 55 million square meters of various building curtain walls, with an annual output value of nearly 120 billion, and the total market has accounted for more than 60% of the world’s total.

Although China’s architectural curtain wall industry started late, it has a high starting point. For more than 20 years, through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the development of new products, the development of markets, and the optimization of the industrial structure, a technological innovation mechanism with Chinese characteristics for sustainable development has been formed.


At present, China has been able to independently develop products with independent intellectual property rights. The company’s unique design ideas have been revealed in the bidding of major curtain wall projects, and the construction organization plan design has more reflected corporate management and corporate culture. China’s construction curtain wall industry has begun Towards a mature development stage.

According to China’s national conditions and the requirements for achieving sustainable economic and social development, energy conservation is a long-term policy of China, and building energy conservation is one of China’s basic national policies for development. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development “Guiding Opinions on the Development of Energy-saving and Land-Saving Residential and Public Buildings” is undoubtedly a spring breeze blowing to the architectural curtain wall industry. It continues to produce new technologies and products suitable for the development of the architectural curtain wall industry, and promotes new curtain walls The development of the material industry.

Wei Qianghui said that as competition in the building curtain wall industry continues to intensify, mergers and acquisitions and capital operations among large building curtain wall companies have become more frequent. Excellent domestic curtain wall manufacturers are paying more and more attention to research on the industry market, especially for corporate development. In-depth study of changes in the environment and customer demand trends. Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic architectural curtain wall brands have risen rapidly and have gradually become leaders in the architectural curtain wall industry!

Looking forward to the future, building curtain walls will continue to dominate the outer envelope structure of public buildings, and China’s aluminum doors and windows and building curtain wall industries will continue to maintain a steady growth trend.

Post time: Aug-09-2021
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