The university of Queensland project will be well presented

  In early December 2019, Mr.Andrew N. Liveris , the architect and general contractor of the University of Queensland, came to our company to inspect the status of the VMU and gave high praise for our strict quality management. UQ is a flagship architecture project that aims to present to the outside world of the beauty, wisdom, culture of UQ with its signature features of energy efficiency, open connecting staircases, collaboration spaces and overlapped study, the border between researching and industrial.
1  The unique glass surface serves a central role in the architecture’s energy-saving feature. Our company contracted the production of the 10000+ m2 curtain wall and window walls. The frit-glass of curtain wall designed in a gradient rainbow color with a light purpled-tuned frit glass, is a big challenge and can only be manufactured by suppliers who are the best of the best. We overcame all the difficulties by working closely with our partners and eventually delivered samples that meet the requirements of our clients.
2   After winning the bid of this project, our team has in-depth study of each step in R&D, design and fabrication. On the premise of meeting all the specification from the bidding document, optimizing the glass specification. We have provided a smart Auto-motor and independent development awning window system by ourselvers which was the highly appraised and affirmed by the main contract and architect as well.
3  This building links different campuses, it becomes campus hubs at the crossroads of the college of chemistry and engineering. Enhancing the colleges’ connections and imagination on the global stage. It will further establish and improve the impact of Altop’s products in Brisbane.

Post time: Jun-01-2020
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